Sustainability offers opportunities, e.g., lower costs and lower waste

Ecotec Products feels that every person on our planet bears a great responsibility to preserve the environment. For ourselves, but certainly for our children. The past decades have shown that income plays a significant role in people’s ability and willingness to make a preservation contribution. That is why we believe well-funded governments and industries should take the lead, fulfilling an exemplary role.

In developing cleaning products for clients in masterbatch production, plastics manufacturing, and food processing, we aimed for ecological solutions to significantly decrease the impact on the environment.

Organic raw materials benefits

The initial goal was to produce products containing non-hazardous substances only. We sourced all-natural raw materials, enabling us to offer effective cleaning products without any hazard labels. That means our products are safe to use for people, and the residue can be discharged in regular wastewater treatment.

From the beginning of the development and trials with our clients, the feedback was very positive. The efficiency for COP and CIP cleaning was perfect, and workers felt safe to use our products. Next, clients found that our cleaning systems TP132B® (Pigment Remover) and Chempure 5.1® (Cleaning Compound) also reduced their waste stream. In many cases, their ‘waste’ can be sold to recycling companies. These two products enable continuous production runs, resulting in less downtime.

Our experience with shipping internationally is that no hazard label allows for lower transport costs and less documentation hassle.

Opportunities for all

Ecotec Products feels supported by the client’s feedback. It reinsures us that our products and efforts to develop customized applications will be safe for the planet, for humans, and for your wallet!

If you have any questions about our efforts to contribute to sustainable products, please feel free to contact us today.

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