Ecological cleaning products for the food industry

Cleaning procedures and hygiene standards in the food industry are extremely stringent. Without protocols in place, a food producer risks contaminations, product-recalls, food poisoning, or even approvals or permits being revoked. Besides the commitment to working hygienically, reducing the impact on the environment is a tough challenge for the entire industry.

Cleaning products commonly used to clean food processing equipments and machinery still contain high-alkaline substances and other chemicals that severely impact the environment. Wastewater containing these chemicals must be discharged in a wastewater treatment system that includes an energy-consuming purification system.

To affect the ecological system as little as possible, Ecotec has developed a sustainable product for the food processing industry: Multipower M4® Multi-purpose Cleaner. Please visit the designated webpage for more information about its properties, application, and use.

Customized product development

Besides offering our ecological Multipower M4®, we also provide customized product development for clients with specific requirements. For instance, production processes that cope with deposits of certain emitted substances or an extreme extent of fouling or grease.

Developing a tailored product is often unnecessary. We gladly offer our advice about your specific cleaning requirements. In some cases, using Multipower M4® in a specific way will solve your problem.

Please see the page about tailor-made products for more information.

Product compliance

Our products meet the health, safety, and environmental preconditions and comply with the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) food and feed processing regulations. They have been granted Kosher and Halal certification and comply with the requirements and standards specified for incorporation in HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) systems.

Ecotec Products B.V. understands what is required for the application of cleaning products in the food industry. Please feel free to contact us with your questions.

“Ecotec Products changed our cleaning process significantly. As a producer of potato starch and its derivatives, our process generates calcium sediments leaving a hard scale in our machines. Our habitual shutdowns and manual work with high-pressure jets were replaced with a CIP cleaning procedure. Their solution shortens the shutdowns, cleans the machines perfectly, and reduces the required safety precautions for staff to a minimum; cost-effective, lower impact on the environment, and user-friendly. Ecotec technical staff guided us through the process. From laboratory testing to staff training.”

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