Ecological cleaning compound for plastics and injection molding

One of the injection molding and plastic extrusion industry challenges has been efficiently switching from one (color) batch to another or changing product types. The objective is to get rid of contaminants from the previous batch as cost-effective as possible without downtime.

Commonly offered purging compounds in the market include chalk, quartz, or other abrasives to macerate and scrape-clean machine components. Ecotec offers you an environmentally-friendly alternative: Chempure 5.1® . The cleaning procedure is simple. Mix the pellet-shaped cleaning product with your new batch. Chempure 5.1® ingredients actively remove product and pigment residue from equipment components, such as the screw, barrel, cylinder, hot runners, and nozzles.

Without stopping the process or changing the equipment parameters, purge the cleaning compound through your machine. It works quickly and efficiently, causing no damage to machine components. The speedy process requires no downtime and reduces the loss of valuable waste products significantly.

Advantages of an environmentally-friendly purging compound

Chempure 5.1® contains no solvents or chemicals, resulting in no hazardous exhaust fumes or any byproducts. The cleaning compound consists of ecological ingredients only and cleans your plastic extrusion or injection molding machines perfectly.

Besides the advantages of less waste and no downtime required with a purging compound, using Chempure 5.1® in your cleaning process between batches also contributes to a more sustainable company operation.

Using Chempure 5.1® is easy. You can mix the granules in a 10% ratio with your thermoplastics and feed this directly via the dosing system or prepare a cleaning blend for a separate cleaning procedure. 

For more information about using Chempure 5.1®, please download the brochure.

Chempure 5.1® purging compound at a glance:

  • Ready-to-use cleaning product
  • Single-step cleaning procedure, saving you valuable production time
  • Cleans between batches or removes contaminants reducing production waste
  • Continuous operation
  • Blends with your virgin material
  • Suitable for most types of plastics (including ABS, PA, PC, PET, PS, PMMA, SAN, PE, PP, and PU)
  • Applicable at temperatures between 80º C – 420º C
  • ‘Cleaning batch’ or ‘waste batch’ is still a quality product that can be recycled
  • Available in 10 kgs cartons

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