Injection molding / extruding equipment non-hazardous cleaning compound

When switching to a different product type or batch color, there are several ways to ‘clean’ your extruder or injection molding equipment. The ‘Ecotec way’ is safe for your machines and sustainable.

Proceeding with the new batch without any cleaning procedure until the new product shows no more optical contamination is the least preferable. The disadvantages of this method include:

  • a significant amount of waste product
  • loss of net production time
  • extra costs due to required additional virgin material
  • no guarantee that contaminations of burned particles are removed

When black specs in the newly-run batch are found, after all, this entire product quantity could be rejected with further costs for a new production run as a result.

Using a cleaning or purging compound with an abrasive component is another commonly used method. In scraping the machinery parts clean, this purging material may damage your machine components, resulting in costly replacements in due course.

Non-hazardous = no warning labels

To clean your extruder quickly and safely, Ecotec has developed a more sustainable product: Chempure 5.1® Cleaning Compound. The active ingredients in the compound transport product and pigment residues from the previous batch to clean all machine components. As these ingredients are non-hazardous, Chempure 5.1® Cleaning Compound requires no ADR or hazardous substance labels.

You can proceed with the production and maintain the set machinery parameters. Using our subtle cleaning concept, you run no risk of damaging your equipment parts and significantly decrease the amount of waste material. It saves you production time and money.

Please visit the designated webpage for more information about Chempure 5.1® properties, application, and its use.

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