Plastics industry (masterbatch) cleaning concept for lower ecological impact

Producing high-quality color masterbatches starts with impeccably clean equipment. Barrels, as well as mixing and cutting parts, require a thorough cleansing, rinsing, and drying before you can switch to another color. The cleaning process can be challenging, as one pigment color is more difficult to remove than the other.

To clean your installation quickly and safely, Ecotec has developed a very sustainable product: TP132B® Pigment Remover. The active ingredients in the pigment remover rid unwanted pigment residue rigorously, yet, the product is gentle to your machine components. The cleaning product does not contain any solvents or other chemicals but only natural ingredients.

Please visit the designated webpage for more information about TP132B® Pigment Remover properties, application, and its use.

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