Custom cleaning products tailored to your needs

We understand the cleaning process requirements and stringent demands industries face. Cleaning machinery and equipment under certain circumstances while meeting health and safety measures and ecological goals is quite the challenge.

In close cooperation with clients, we develop customized cleaning products. Based on our knowledge and experience, we have insight into the cleaning process requirements in industries such as food, pigment, and plastics.

Customized development examples

  • Many production facilities have a closed production system. The CIP cleaning procedure is controlled by a PLC-system and requires cleaning products to meet specific properties. For various clients, we have developed a tailor-made product that fits their automated process requirements and thoroughly disposes of a wide range of contaminations (e.g., oils, proteins, and carbohydrates). By balancing reinforcing surfactants in a tailored blend, the cleaning product can be very efficient even at low concentrations.

  • A company that supplies eggs to various food processing companies washes their egg trays after returning from their clients. They require a product strong enough to soak off proteins. Yet, as a supplier in the food chain, they can only use an ecological product in a low concentration, refraining the product itself (eggs) from coming in contact with any soap residue. We have not only monitored their production process before developing a solution, but we also tested the application thoroughly to fine-tune the final end product.

  • For a client processing various produce, calcium oxalate deposits can be released, which is harmful to humans. The machinery needs to be cleaned during the process regularly, preventing contamination with the end product. Ecotec developed a specific cleaning product for their production system. The application is a well-balanced mixture of natural active substances and powerful complex-binders. It absorbs the calcium oxalate, leaving the production facility clean after rinsing.

Lab work, samples, and testing

We are happy to set up a development program for clients with a specific cleaning problem while aiming for a more environmentally-friendly solution. By understanding your production process and cleaning bottlenecks, we can start with lab-scale product testing. After sampling, testing, adjusting, and approvals, we can take your customized product into production. We apply this procedure for tailored cleaning products at a large scale or in bulk only.

We invite you to contact us with your specific cleaning problem or requirements. We are happy to discuss your situation and provide you with our best advice and high-quality products.

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